Computer acquisition fund

The computer acquisition fund supports the purchase of computer hardware and software that will further the teaching and research activities of faculty members. Awards under this program are intended to match funds from other sources, such as professional development allowances, research funds, and private funds. Awards are normally 50 per cent of the total purchase price of equipment or software. This program is not intended to fund initial, basic computing needs for new faculty members.

Who is eligible?

Any faculty member holding a regular academic appointment (as defined in Section 2 of the Collective Agreement) who has not received an award from the fund in the previous two years.

Selection criteria

Requests for funds are evaluated by your dean. Priority is given to faculty members who:

  • can demonstrate that the funding will significantly and directly enhance their teaching and research; and
  • despite reasonable effort, haven't had access to adequate funding for personal computing.

Questions regarding the selection criteria should be addressed to the Office of the Dean.

Choosing your equipment

Before applying to the fund, we encourage you to contact the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) for assistance with choosing computer hardware and software. You'll need to attach a PDF quote from the TSC to purchase equipment and may be required to provide pre-approval from the TSC for the purchase of non-standard computer hardware and software. Currently, the TSC provides Dell computers at discounted prices.

You may purchase alternative computer hardware and software from other suppliers. Requests for alternative systems must be accompanied by a quote and written justification, and may be approved by your dean. Funding requests for specialized software and peripherals such as a printer or scanner will also be considered with priority given to computer systems over software and peripherals.

In most cases, the amount of the award will be based on the costs of recommended systems. All computer equipment and software funded by this program are the property of the university.

How to apply for funding

Applications should be submitted to the Office of the Dean. Faculty members intending to apply to the fund should complete the fillable form or print and submit the appropriate form to their chair. Applications require approval by your chair or director and dean. Each dean will evaluate, rank applications and notify faculty members of their award.

  • Please use the computer acquisition fund if you are applying to have approval for computer hardware and software offered for institutional sale by the TSC or if you are applying to have approval for computer hardware and software purchased from another supplier.
  • Request for deviation from personal computer standards.