How to complete your Conflict of Interest and external activities disclosure forms

Conflict of Interest and external professional activity disclosure forms are filed biennially by all faculty members and librarians governed by the Collective Agreement.

  • Forms, with information related to the past two years' activities, must be submitted by February 1 of the year in which you are being assesed for salary evaluation.
  • Please submit the form to your chair/director or,
  • In the case of non-departmentalized members, please submit to the dean or the university librarian
  • In addition to a general biennial disclosure, you are also required to submit an update for research purposes prior to beginning any new research project.

Defining Conflicts of Interest

A Conflict of Interest is defined in the Collective Agreement as: "real, perceived or potential situations in which an impartial observer might reasonably question whether actions or decisions taken by the Member on behalf of the University are influenced by considerations of private interest. In the research context, a Conflict of Interest includes a situation where financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, an investigator's professional judgment in conducting or reporting research." (section 49.3)

You must disclose any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest that relate to your participation in any university processes (including hiring, promotion or tenure), any matters concerning the financial or property interests of the University, your use of information that you gain from your employment that may be confidential, or your participation in research or creative activities or in any entities the University controls.

For more information about what constitutes a conflict of interest please read

Defining external professional activities

Professional activities (external to the university) that involve a commitment of your time in excess of a half working day per week (section 48.12) must also be disclosed. External professional activities include:

  • service to, or work for, a corporation or partnership in which you have significant interest,
  • work undertaken on contract to an external agency or business, and
  • teaching courses (not part of a joint program) at another academic institution.

Relevant articles and sections of the Collective Agreement

Article 48. Conflict of Commitment (External Professional Activities)

Article 49. Conflict of Interest and Reasonable Apprehension of Bias

Sections 49.5 - 49.7 - Obligation to Disclose

Sections 49.23 and 49.24 - Reporting Conflicts of Interest