Percentage Grading Scale

In April 2011, Senate approved the implementation of percentage grading scale. On May 3, 2013, Senate approved further motions related to the implementation of percentage grading and comparative grading. Specifically, it was approved that the existing 9 point grading system would be retained as the basis for the calculation and display of the sessional, cumulative and graduating grade point averages and determination of academic standing.  In addition, the Senate agreed “to not proceed with the motion approved by Senate on April 1, 2011 to implement changes to the grade point average scale and a change in the course value system to credits from units”.

The May 2013 senate motions addressed concerns raised at senate in Fall  2012 regarding the delay of implementation, given the time and resources required for Phase II of  Percentage and Comparative Grading project. Further investigation was undertaken and options developed and presented to Deans Council and the Associate Deans for their consideration in early spring 2013. The Deans and Associate Deans agreed to unanimously support an implementation option that would achieve the desired implementation of percentage grading and comparative grade information as soon as possible. The option was reviewed by the Senate Committee on Academic Standards (SCAS) and it was forwarded to Senate for consideration with endorsement of SCAS.

As we transition to the new grading scale, information and resources will be made available on our resources page at: