Training for Faculty and Librarians

Training and development opportunities available for UVic faculty, librarians and academic leaders are noted below. Training is an important component of becoming and staying competent, working within the legal frameworks relevant to Universities, and enhancing your skills. While many of these training opportunities are optional (but encouraged), some must be undertaken as part of academic responsibilities (as outlined in s. 12.5 g of the Collective Agreement) or to support administrative responsibilities. As such, development opportunities below are marked as “optional” or “required”.  We have also noted those opportunities that are particularly important for faculty and librarians who are new to UVic.

Equity Training for ARPT and Search Committees

Following the new requirements in the Collective Agreement for training for all ARPT committee members*, we have developed a 4-Stage Model for offering this support with the aim of advancing equity, diversity and inclusion at UVic. 

We are currently launching Stage 1, a self-paced online course entitled “Increasing Equity in Decision Processes.” This immersive, interactive online course prepares committees with the skills and tools needed to remove systemic barriers in faculty appointment (hiring), review, promotion and tenure (ARPT) and senior search practices. The course was developed collaboratively by Equity and Human Rights, the Faculty Association, and the Vice-President Academic and Provost’s Office.

While the course is not required for searches for senior positions, including Deans, Associate Deans, or Centre Directors, the course content will support equitable searches and cover much of the policy-related content requirements for those serving on these committees.

 Click Here to Enroll in: Increasing Equity in Decision Processes - Stage 1

*All members of ARPT and Chair Search committees already in operation are required to complete this course by January 2022. Following January, this course will be required prior to starting service on any of these committees.

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For logistical or technical questions regarding the course, please contact

Privacy and Security Training

The Privacy Toolkit for Teaching is designed to assist anyone with teaching responsibilities at UVic to understand their responsibilities in handling student information, adopting educational technology and dealing with privacy and security incidents if they occur. (Optional) More information about this training tool.

Th!nk Privacy: 2020 Training for Teachers for training on privacy, information security and records management (offered through CourseSpaces).

Phishing Awareness Training is available for self-registration by all Faculty and Librarians (offered by University Systems).

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Regulatory training and education for UVic faculty in support of research, teaching and university operations. More information and to register. (Includes optional and mandatory training depending on discipline and lab use)

Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI)

Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) has Resources and supports for Faculty members to support their teaching. (Optional)

We suggest you review these resources. 

The Faculty Institute of Teaching (FIT) is available to support enhanced teaching, and save time in preparation. It is usually scheduled in the Fall and Spring Terms. For more information and to apply. (Optional. Especially encouraged for junior faculty)

The New Faculty & Librarian Orientation is hosted by LTSI annually in August. This is an opportunity to meet and network with other new colleagues across campus and to hear information on a variety of issues important to new faculty and librarians. For more information, email

Let’s Talk About Teaching Day is held in August annually to celebrate and encourage Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and innovative curriculum development at UVic. More information. (Optional. Especially encouraged for junior faculty)

Technology Integrated Learning (TIL) provides support and advice for faculty to create dynamic learning environments for their students. Innovative tools and strategies can transform learning. More information and to register

Learning Central

Learning Central supports the professional development of all UVic Faculty, Librarians and Staff by offering a catalogue of free of cost learning sessions. Courses listed in Learning Central reflect a broad range of competencies applicable to academic work. Subject to availability, examples include: understanding Indigenous ways of knowing and learning; creating engaging videos or online lessons; applying community engaged learning; anti-racism and cultural competency; office ergonomics; using Microsoft Teams; team management and leadership development. (Optional)

Register for sessions throughout the year: 

Technology Support

The University Systems Computer Help Desk is your primary point of contact for technology service and support at the University of Victoria.  You can email them directly at or through one of the methods specified on their contact page:

Taming your Email Inbox for training on email management (offered through CourseSpaces).

Zoom training: Zoom is used by Faculty and Librarians beyond instructional contexts (offered by University Systems).

Microsoft Teams training and support: Teams is a powerful collaboration tool for Faculty and Librarians to use.

Training and Development for Academic Leaders

The Office of Faculty Relations provides a wide range of interactive, colleague supported workshops and online learning opportunities targeted to academic leaders with all levels of experience. These information rich sessions are also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with academic leader colleagues across campus. Upcoming session information and materials from past sessions are posted in the Academic Administrators Portal, and calendar invitations are sent to leaders for offerings as they arise.