Guidelines for librarians and faculty emeritus

When faculty members decide to retire from the university, they are automatically offered the title “emeritus.” In the case of a librarian, the title will be librarian emeritus. You will retain your academic rank or position, with “emeritus” added. While the title does not imply legal or contractual obligations, it is an expression by the university and the faculty member or librarian of their mutual desire to maintain a public and ongoing affiliation.

Benefits of being an emeritus

  • Your email accounts will be continued. 
  • Your library privileges will continue.
  • A recreation pass is available to all faculty retirees. This includes access to the pool, weight room, gym and dance studio in the McKinnon Building and a reduced rate on CARSA membership fees (Vikes Fit or Climb, and Vikes Fit Plus).
  • You may arrange for a self-paid benefit plan through the university’s normal carrier.
For more information see the University Title of Emeritus or Emerita Policy.