New UVic faculty and librarians arriving in Canada can find information on the immigration process in A Newcomer's Introduction to Canada, prepared by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This document is available in many languages and offers advice on what to do before, during, and after your arrival in Canada. It includes information on how to find a job, how to get in touch with immigrant assistance organizations and general information about Canada.

Immigration assistance

The university provides immigration assistance through the BC Provincial Nominee Program. This service allows the province to nominate specific immigrants to meet provincial economic needs. Faculty members and librarians qualify under the category of "strategic occupations." Participation in this program can expedite both the application for the work visa and the application for permanent residency. In addition, it gives the university and the faculty member or librarian access to program officials for information and assistance.

Departments and new faculty and librarians are encouraged to begin the application for work authorization and permanent resident status as soon as the offer of employment has been accepted and approved. Currently the university pays the provincial nominee fee for qualified new faculty and librarians and their family members. Faculty members are responsible for paying all other fees related to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada permanent resident process.

The immigration process differs slightly depending on the type of appointment. For information regarding short-term appointments please contact

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