The University of Victoria is committed to the health and well-being of members of the UVic community. We've designed extensive benefit plans and policies to support you and your family.  

  • See the tabs below for an overview of key benefits at UVic. For a full description of plans, eligibility requirements and current costs, please see the benefit handbook for regular faculty and librarians and the Collective Agreement.
  • UVic provides benefits to same sex partners. A common-law partner is eligible for group benefits if they have been publicly represented as your spouse for at least one year. In the case of pension benefits, your partner must have been represented as your spouse for two years. Benefits may also be extended to dependent children.  
  • Premiums are cost-shared with the employee or, in the case of certain plans, paid entirely by the university.
  • Benefits are managed by the Human Resources office.
  • Other perks for faculty and librarians include dual career couple employment assistance; housing loans and relocation grants, study leaves, Athletics membership, and a University Club membership for the first year of your appointment.  

Quick reference to health and dental benefits at UVic

Basic health care coverage

Basic health care coverage is provided through the British Columbia government medical services plan (MSP) for physician and hospital care, diagnostic services and maternity care. New employees moving from other parts of Canada will be covered by their current provincial plan until MSP coverage begins. New employees moving from outside of Canada will have a waiting period for MSP coverage and will need to purchase interim health insurance. Please contact the benefits office at 250-721-6522 for more information.

Extended health care coverage

Extended health care coverage is a component of your benefit plans as described in the Benefits Handbook. It includes provisions for prescription drugs, naturopathic physicians, chiropractic services, semi-private/private hospital rooms, podiatric services, orthotics, hearing aids, vision care, private duty nursing, physiotherapy, massage therapy, speech therapy, counselling, acupuncture, emergency out-of-province medical care and generous sick leave and long-term disability coverage.

Premiums for regular faculty and librarians for both basic and extended health care coverage are cost-shared with the university.

IMPORTANT: Before making any health care arrangements in British Columbia, please contact UVic benefits staff at 250-721-6522.

The University of Victoria dental plan provides comprehensive dental coverage including orthodontics, major restorative, diagnostic and preventative services. For specific information concerning coverage, contact the benefits staff at 250-721-6522.

Basic life insurance coverage is provided through the university as a taxable benefit. This coverage provides your beneficiary or estate with an amount equivalent to two times your annual salary. Additional coverage is available at a reasonable cost for you and your spouse/partner.

UVic provides a flexible income upon retirement with a variety of payout options. An early retirement option is available beginning at 55 years of age.

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) programs are provided by the Government of Canada. You may also be eligible for a pension from your country of origin or from your previous employer.

For complete information on pension plans, consult Section 2 of the Regular Faculty and Librarian Staff Handbook.

The university provides comprehensive maternity, parental and adoption leave and benefits for eligible faculty members and librarians.

Maternity leave can extend for up to one year, with up to 35 weeks at 95 per cent of salary. Parental leave (including adoption) can extend for up to 37 weeks, with up to 18 weeks at 95 per cent of salary. The tenure clock may be stopped for one year if the leave extends for 15 weeks or more.

Leave and benefit provisions, including eligibility requirements, can be found in section 49 of the Collective Agreement. The provisions for stopping the tenure clock can be found in section 48.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is an employer-paid benefit that provides you and your family with professional and confidential short-term counselling, information and referral services for personal problems that may affect your family life, work life or general well-being.