Working with academic units

A welcoming and inclusive campus

Everyone at UVic has a role in promoting a welcoming and inclusive campus.

Responsibilities of the chair/director, dean, and university librarian

As leaders in a diverse and dynamic learning community, we must continually challenge one another to be thoughtful, engaged citizens by:

  • recognizing people as our primary strength
  • working to create healthy environments for our people that are safe, supportive, and inclusive
  • continuously fostering mutual respect and civility
  • promoting and implementing employment equity policy and goals within your unit

A diverse and welcoming environment must include a transparent recruitment process that is fair and equitable. VPAC and EQHR are actively engaged in improving recruitment processes to achieve a diverse learning environment and supports units in a variety of ways, including:

A welcoming environment is one where faculty members can thrive and succeed in their work. VPAC and EQHR can:

  • provide guidance, information and resources on issues relating to equity and diversity
  • share best practices for creating inclusive teaching and learning environments
  • outline current local and global equity issues and advise on upcoming issues and trends
  • provide resources and referrals to on and off campus networks

A mentorship program that matches new faculty members with experienced faculty members has also been developed to grow and develop new faculty and to help them succeed at UVic.

UVic is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse group of exceptionally talented faculty and to supporting them in ways that allow them to achieve their highest potential.

Accommodation measures can be designed to remove barriers for faculty members who have temporary or permanent medical conditions that have been assessed and documented by physicians.

All accommodation measures are highly individual. The Office of Equity and Human Rights works closely with Human Resource's work life consultants to assist with the process, and with the roles and responsibilities of the chair/director and dean in accommodation, sick leave, disability and return to work cases.