Non-faculty professional and staff relations

Responsibility of the chair/director

The chair/director has the duty to manage the appointment, professional development, performance and recognition of staff within the department under the applicable employment or collective agreement(s).

Human Resources

Each academic unit is assigned a Human Resources consultant as the first point of contact to identify needs, and provide HR advice, guidance, coaching and facilitation services for working with non-faculty professionals and staff. Services are provided in the following key areas:

  • hiring/recruitment
  • benefits
  • accommodation/return to work
  • attendance management
  • labour/employee relations
  • performance planning and development
  • performance improvement
  • discipline process
  • change management
  • team development
  • conflict and dispute resolution
  • strategic planning
  • organization re-design


The Canadian Union of Public Employees local 951, local 917 and local 4163 represent various employee groups of the university. CUPE local 917 represents maintenance and food service employees of the university; local 951 represents office, technical and childcare employees; local 4163 represents teaching assistants, second language instructors, sessional lecturers, laboratory instructors, COUS employees, music performance instructors, cultural assistants and others.

Professional Employees Association

The Professional Employees Association (PEA) represents the non-faculty professionals of the University of Victoria. PEA members include administrative officers, systems specialists, program coordinators, academic assistants, laboratory instructors, and many other classifications working in a broad range of university departments and programs.

Please note that while many positions on campus may share similar or even the same titles, they may hold different levels of responsibilities and therefore be represented by different unions. It is the specific items within a job description and the supporting documentation provided that determines the similarities and differences between positions, not the job titles.