Leadership Orientation and Development

The University of Victoria recognizes the critical contributions of academic leaders in moving forward the university’s mission and strategic priorities. We are grateful for those who agree to serve in this capacity and endeavour to provide support, guidance and resources that will equip leaders to lead knowledgeably and well.

The Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost (VPAC), with partners across the university, offer workshops, seminars, asynchronous online courses and guides, as well as retreats and networking opportunities, all focused on key strands of UVic leadership development. All these training opportunities are conveniently housed in the comprehensive Academic Leadership Initiative (ALI) catalogue. 

Click the link below to access the interactive catalogue with Main Menu on Page 6. 

 Academic Leaders Initiative (ALI) catalogue

If you have any questions please contact , or at 250-589-0679

 Cost-shared external leadership training program

Would you like to pursue management and leadership training through off-campus programs, to supplement the workshops and seminars offered for academic leaders on campus? A variety of external programs have been identified that offer intensive and highly specialized curricula and an opportunity to make useful contacts with those in similar positions in other institutions. A limited number of cost-shared subsidies are provided by VPAC each year for academic administrators who wish to attend such programs.

For more information, see our Cost-Shared External Leadership Development Fund Terms of Reference  or contact the  

Human Resources at UVic

UVic's HR department offers learning and development programs and resources for academic leaders and managers.