Faculty and librarian relations

The Office of Faculty Relations and Academic Administration is a resource committed to supporting the University’s mission by:

  • facilitating a healthy work environment by building a collegial and inclusive community with and among faculty, librarians, the Faculty Association and university administration
  • supporting academic leaders to achieve their objectives by providing timely, high-quality support and advice and professional development opportunities which reflect the priorities and values of the institution
  • enabling administrative effectiveness by developing and administering clear policy, efficient processes and accurate data management

 Our work is guided by:

  • a principled approach which is reasoned, respectful, fair, equitable, and without discrimination
  • professionalism, which includes maintaining competence and taking accountability
  • continuous improvement to ensure the service we provide is high-quality, efficient, and responsive to the needs of those we serve
  • a recognition of the importance of strong communications and clarity of purpose
  • a commitment to collaborative, cooperative and supportive teamwork

FRAA provides support, advice, and administrative process to academic leaders and administrators in the following areas, pertaining to faculty and librarians. Please contact your designated Faculty Relations Consultant, our Immigration Consultant, or the AVP Faculty Relations at any point you need assistance in these areas: 

Faculty relations role within VPAC First point of contact Phone
  • Collective Agreement negotiation and administration
  • Advice and support for academic leaders and senior administrators
Michele Parkin
Associate Vice-President Faculty Relations and Academic Administration

  • Collective Agreement negotiation and administration
  • Advice for senior administrators
  • Annual salary process and anomalies
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Faculty recruitment and Human Resources advice
  • Equitable hiring practices including preferential hiring
  • Dual-career couple employment assistance program for new faculty
  • Faculty accommodation
  • FOI requests

Pamela Richards
Director Faculty Relations and Academic Administration

  • Collective Agreement/policy interpretation
  • Faculty Relations advice and support to: 
    • P.B. Gustavson School of Business
    • Faculty of Education
    • Faculty of Humanities
    • Faculty of Law
    • Division of Medical Sciences
    • Faculty of Science

Francesca Pintucci
Faculty Relations Consultant

  • Collective Agreement interpretation
  • Legal case management
  • Research for legal cases
  • Support to Associate Vice-President Faculty Relations on University Review Committee and Human Rights Cases
  • Support Director of Faculty Relations on bargaining coordination

Heidi Morrison
Faculty Relations Associate

  • Administrative support and calendar management for the AVP Faculty Relations and Academic Administration & the Director, Faculty Relations and for AVP, Faculty Relations
  • Extra-to-load and contracts
  • UAAC committee support
Christina Azedo
Administrative Assistant to the Director, Faculty Relations and AVP, Faculty Relations
  • Supports the coordination of the Academic Leadership Initiatives, leadership retreats, orientations and workshops
Ashley McKay
VPAC Training Coordinator