Conflict of Interest

The chair/director and dean play a critical role in managing real and potential conflicts of interest, both to protect the integrity of the university and to protect individual faculty members.

A required element of the university's strategy for reducing the incidence and impact of conflicts of interest and promoting transparency is the completion of biennial disclosure forms for conflict of interest (COI) and external professional activities (EPA) by all university members governed by the Collective Agreement. Additionally, an update for research purposes form must be submitted prior to the commencement of any new research project. Forms and details regarding what constitutes a conflict are outlined in:

The role of the chair/director in COI reporting

  • Please ensure that each faculty member in your unit receives a link to How to complete conflict of interest forms. They can also be directed to the VPAC faculty members guide.
  • Please collect the completed disclosures from each faculty member by February 1 of the year in which your department/school is being evaluated for salary adjustments.
  • Submit a Report for COI and EPA (chair/director to dean) to your dean by March 1 of the year in which your department/school is being evaluated for salary adjustments with the aggregate data for all faculty members in your unit. 
  • Please note that data is required prior to making recommendations for merit.
  • You don't need to include associate deans, deans or those who hold an administrative appointment outside of your unit as they will be handled in a separate process.
  • The Collective Agreement requires that prior to beginning any new research project, all faculty members and librarians must submit a new form specific to the research. Please note that this form is in addition to the biennial disclosure application submitted February 1 of year the year in which your department/school is being evaluated for salary adjustments. Please see the Update to COI and EPA disclosure form for this purpose for distribution to your unit.
  • Please keep each member's disclosure form and all updates in the member's performance file and ensure that they are kept confidential except as required by the Collective Agreement.
  • Please submit your own personal general disclosure form directly to your dean.

The dean's role in reporting COI and EPA

  • In the case of non-departmentalized faculties, the dean must complete the chair/director report and include it with the decanal report to VPAC.
  • Please collect and submit the aggregate data for your faculty along with your Report for COI and EPA (dean to provost) to the provost by May 1 of the year in which your faculty is being evaluated for salary adjustments. This report should be submitted prior to your recommendations for merit.
  • Please collect and review the annual general disclosure forms of chairs/directors within your faculty and include this data in your report. The chairs'/directors' annual disclosure forms should be housed in your office's personnel files for the duration of their administrative appointments.