Safety and risk management

UVic is committed to fostering environments for work and study that are safe, supportive, inclusive and healthy, encourage mutual respect and civility, recognizing that people are our primary strength."

Each of us share responsibility for providing safe working conditions and practices and ensuring compliance with all university safety policy and procedures.

The Occupational Health and Safety policy defines in detail the specific roles and responsibilities of the chair/director and dean in helping to ensure the safety of members of the university community as well as visitors to the campus. Topics include:

  • safety orientation and training for employees
  • developing safety plans and identifying budgetary requirements
  • providing safe working conditions
  • reporting critical incidents
  • working with Occupational Health and Safety

The UVic Health and Safety is a useful guide for all employees in your area.

The Risk Management Policy provides direction to members of the University community on identifying, assessing and communicating risk issues within the University. For further information on policies and processes, please contact Ben McAllister, Risk & Insurance Analyst at or 250.853.3759.