Department/school administration

The chair/director has primary responsibility for both the academic leadership of the department and the proper discharge of administrative duties:

  • consulting, as appropriate, with faculty members, staff and students to formulate policy and reach decisions that foster respect, civility and cooperation within the department and across the university community
  • approval of student programs
  • acting as chair of meetings of the department
  • providing supervision, advice, guidance and mentoring to faculty members, academic and professional staff within the department

The dean is responsible for providing academic leadership by acting as chair of the faculty and where the faculty is divided into departments or schools, providing supervision, advice and guidance to chairs and directors.

In this section of the website you will find resources to assist you with your role in:

Data, planning, and accountability

Institutional Planning and Analysis is an excellent resource for providing information, research/statistical support, and other analytical services for decision making and policy planning.

Institutional Planning and Analysis reports the annual numbers for student headcounts, equivalent enrolments taught (EETs), and full-time equivalent students (FTEs) within each academic unit. This data is essential for decision making around academic planning, faculty and sessional hiring and budget preparation.

FTEs serve as the primary basis for allocating increases to university operating grants. Target numbers for annual FTEs within academic units are put forth via the associate vice-president academic planning.