Allocating academic resources

The chair/director is responsible for leading the overall development and advancement of the academic program and managing its delivery, which includes developing staffing plans, managing the budget and financial operations of the department, allocating academic resources within the department and working to develop the necessary resources from internal and external sources.

The administrative officer and/or senior secretary may assist the chair/director with financial tasks by monitoring FAST accounts, preparing budget updates, and performing other financial tasks under the supervision of the chair/director.


The Budget Office forecasts, manages, and develops the university's operating budget, and also provides information and advice to deans, chairs/directors and departments for making informed decisions on the management of their funds.

Budget terminology

The Purchasing Department provides centrally administered purchasing services with responsibility to acquire products, services, construction and business solutions. Skilled staff are available to assist requisitioners in all aspects of the supply chain including specification development, market research, sourcing, evaluations, recommendation for award, supplier quality and performance, contract management, supplier payments and relations, asset disposal and general supply management requirements.