Presidential Transition

Welcoming a new President to our campus is an exciting opportunity for the university. In order to ensure the new President arrives in conditions that support success, with the structures, relationships and information in place to thrive, a carefully planned, institutional approach is critical. The Board of Governors has endorsed a framework designed to best meet operational and strategic Presidential transition matters for the University and the incoming President.  The Board of Governors will play an important role in overseeing a successful transition.  

Key elements of the framework include two groups, established with specific roles for the Presidential transition period.

The Presidential Transition Advisory Team provides advice to the Board of Governors and the incoming President to:

  • Ensure transition between the current President and the new President is accomplished systematically and effectively
  • Put in place a plan that meaningfully engages the university community in the transition
  • Ensure the new President is introduced to all aspects of the university community, local community and other external stakeholders as appropriate
  • Raise questions for consideration by the new President, and flag potential risks

 The Presidential Transition Working Group is in place to:

  • Support the work and operationalize the advice of the Transition Advisory Team
  • Develop and implement a Presidential transition plan
  • Develop recommendations for recognition of contributions of the outgoing President
  • Develop recommendations for welcome events for the incoming President

Membership of each group is listed below.

If you have any questions or feedback on the transition process, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

  • Carrie Andersen
  • Neil Burford
  • Sally Eshuys
  • Murray Farmer
  • Michael Masson
  • Eslam Mehina
  • Carolyn Russell
  • Robina Thomas
  • Jennifer Vornbrock
  • David Zussman
  • Carrie Andersen
  • Sally Eshuys
  • Jeanie Gunn
  • Christina Harris
  • Morag Mochan
  • Shari Winter