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Student life

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Your student experience isn't just about what you study - it's about the community in which you learn, grow, play and cheer. At UVic, you'll find that you can be part of the team without losing your individuality.

Health & wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are essential to student success. Whether you need to see a health practitioner, a way to relieve some stress, want someone to talk to or just a way to stay active, we have some great options for you.

Arts & culture

Victoria is a vibrant cultural hub, and campus is no different. Take in a student production at our Phoenix Theatre, catch a concert, watch a movie, or immerse yourself in modern art - all at UVic.

Athletics & recreation

We have one of the most successful university athletics programs in Canada, but you don’t need to be an athlete to get involved. Play some dodgeball, cheer on a basketball team or get your glow on at a yoga rave.

Clubs & organizations

There are over 200 student clubs on campus. From swing dance to game development to the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, there really is something for everyone.

Leadership & volunteering

Get involved in a meaningful way on campus. You'll make new friends, gain new skills, and most importantly, give back to a cause that matters to you.

Create your custom viewbook

Build a personalized, online viewbook that focuses on the programs, services and other parts of UVic life you want to learn about. You can read it whenever you want, and edit it if your interests change.

MyUVic Life blog

Get a feel for life as a UVic student in the MyUVic Life student blog.

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5 Fun Finds at the UVic Bookstore

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How Well Do You Know Campus?

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Using Your Degree For Good (Even If You Haven’t Graduated Yet!)

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A Peek Inside Three Residence Rooms

Over the last three years I have been fortunate enough to live, learn, and even volunteer and work in UVic’s student residences. Prospective students...

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