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Visiting students

Students from any Canadian university or college can attend UVic as a visiting student. While at UVic, you can take up to five courses per term to count as credit toward your degree at your institution back home.

You must demonstrate that you are competent in the English language to attend UVic. If you’ve studied for at least four years at the high school or post-secondary level, and all of your instruction was in English, your transcripts are enough to prove proficiency. Learn about UVic’s English language requirements.

How to apply

1. Complete an online application

Create your profile through UVic's online application.

  • Click "Start a new application."
  • On the "Starting questions" page, select the following choices:
    • Which level of study are you applying for? Undergraduate
    • Are you applying to a degree, diploma or certificate program at the University of Victoria? No
    • Are you interested in... Visiting from another institution on a letter of permission
  • Complete the remaining application pages.
  • Pay the fee and submit your application.

2. Submit your letter of permission

You’ll also need to arrange for your current university or college to send a letter of permission to UVic Undergraduate Admissions.

The letter must include:

  • the session the permission is for
  • the specific courses you need to take while at UVic

Your application cannot be processed until the letter of permission is received by UVic.

Registering for courses

You need to register for each course after your application has been accepted.

An email from UVic's Office of the Registrar will be sent to you indicating when online registration is open.

More information

Feel free to e-mail if you have any questions at all about visiting UVic from another Canadian university or college.

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