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Add an event to your SharePoint calendar

NOTE: For assistance with SharePoint sites on Connect, please see the Connect Help Wiki.

This tutorial is also available as a downloadable pdf, which contains additional information.

  1. Navigate to the calendar. (If the name of your calendar does not appear in the Quick Launch, click View All Site Content then click on the calendar.)
  2. In the New menu, click New Item.

  3. To make the item an all-day event (so that it doesn't appear at a specific time slot on a calendar), select the Make this an all-day activity... checkbox in the All Day Event section.
  4. To make the event repeat (for example, every Wednesday at 11 a.m.), select the Make this a repeating event checkbox in the Recurrence section.
  5. Enter any other information that you desire, then click OK.

You can create a Meeting Workspace site (a website based on the Meeting Workspace template that is used for planning, posting, and collaborating on meeting materials) when you create an event.