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Working with SharePoint calendars

NOTE: For assistance with SharePoint sites on Connect, please see the Connect Help Wiki.

This tutorial is also available as a downloadable pdf, which contains additional information.

SharePoint comes with a default calendar that you can customize and update. You can create additional calendars if you need them. Calendars are useful for managing your schedule by day, week, and month. You can make any of these views your default view for the site or you can create custom views. You can easily navigate forward and back in your calendar within the view.


Note in the screenshots above:

  1. Calendars have different views.
  2. All-day events appear at the top of a calendar according to date; other events appear according to date and time.

You can add events to a calendar. Additionally, meeting requests and attachments can be added to a calendar by sending email messages. If you use a calendar program that is compatible with SharePoint (i.e. Microsoft Outlook), you can view and update the calendar on your site from a calendar program.

You can manage the process for updating your calendar just as you manage the updates to any list. You can require approval for items submitted to a calendar and manage which groups of people can see events before they are approved. You can also track versions of calendar items so that you can see what has changed and, if necessary, restore previous versions.

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