University Systems help centre

Calling cards

Calling cards are available for UVic locals for University business. Requests for calling cards are made in writing from the department head to Network Services.

Calling cards are readily used in telephone fraud for processing unauthorized calls, for which the owner of the card is required to pay the cost of all calls. To protect the university against fraud, the department head must ensure that the end user is aware of the following issues. (We recommend the department arrange for the employee to sign an acknowledgment that they have received a calling card and are aware of these issues. Any personal calls can/must be reimbursed to the department.)

  1. Report stolen cards to Telus at 1-800-561-8888 and advise Network Services.
  2. Periodically change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) by calling 1-800-561-8888. Choose a PIN that is not too familiar or easily guessed.
  3. Secure the calling card number and PIN by not sharing it with anyone and not writing it down on the card.
  4. When using the card at a public location, ensure the number and PIN cannot be seen or overheard (pay phones are particularly vulnerable to this).
  5. On a monthly basis, verify and confirm all calls that appear on the charge back report supplied by Network Services and submitted to the department administrator. If there are any suspicious calls, notify the department administrator or Network Services immediately.