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Change your PGP Whole Disk Encryption passphrase: Mac

Before you can change your PGP Whole Disk Encryption passphrase, you must first change your NetLink ID password.

  1. Open PGP Desktop.

    Open PGP Desktop

  2. Click on the Keys section, then double click on your name to open the Key Info window.

    Click on your name

  3. Click on the icon indicated in the following screenshot:

    Passphrase icon

  4. Type your PGP passphrase and click OK (the OK button will turn blue if you've entered your passphrase correctly).

    Enter your passphrase

  5. Type your new passphrase (this must match your NetLink ID password). Confirm the passphrase and click OK.

    Enter your NetLink ID password

  6. PGP Desktop will confirm that your passphrase has been changed.

    Passphrase change confirmation