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PGP-supported versions of OS X: Mac

We have experienced some compatibility and updating issues with PGP and OS X; known issues will be listed on this page. Before updating your OS or installing updates, please refer to this page for possible issues.

Current version of PGP: 10.2 maintenance pack 3
Current supported version of OS X: 10.7.4

Version history

Version PGP?
Updating notes and issues
10.8 NO If you are using PGP do NOT upgrade to OS X 10.8.
10.7.4 YES
10.7.3 YES
10.7.2 YES If you have PGP installed, you can NOT upgrade to 10.7.3 or 10.7.4. Ensure that you upgrade your OS before installing PGP.
10.6 YES

Compatibility issues

  • PGP is not compatible with FileVault.
  • Exercise caution when installing EFI updates. When Software Update prompts you for updates, check to see if any EFI updates are listed and contact the Computer Help Desk prior to installing EFI updates.

Upgrading assistance

If you are running 10.7.2 with PGP and would like to upgrade to 10.7.3 or 10.7.4, please contact your Desktop Support Analyst or the Computer Help Desk prior to upgrading.

We can also assist with any other difficulties you are having with PGP.