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Skype for Business is the best tool for making audio calls, video calls and instant messaging. However, there are many other features it offers. Did you know...

Skype for Business can help reduce email clutter.

We often use email for quick one-off chats that could be phone calls. Instant messaging offers an alternative, and all conversations save automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing your train of thought. Use Skype for Business IM to nudge your work buddy for a lunch date or to ask a colleague to email you the document you discussed yesterday.

Skype for Business offers a virtual meeting space as an alternative to in-person meetings.

Skype for Business meetings provide capabilities to interact with people through multiparty HD video, audio, and content sharing. The next time you’re organizing a less formal meeting that requires folk to walk across campus, why not try a Skype for Business meeting?

Skype for Business shares your presence.

Any Skype for Business user that searches for you in the main Skype for Business window can see a presence indicator colour – green, yellow, or red – next to your name which indicates your availability. This information comes by default from your outlook calendar. This means that if you are using Skype for Business and do not have a meeting, other users will see a green indicator telling them that you are available to connect. Presence can be changed manually; doing so will override the presence from outlook. This override will remain until your presence is reset or until you log out and back in to Skype for Business.

Office applications can be shared in Skype for Business to support collaboration.

The next time you need feedback on your powerpoint presenation, share it with your colleagues during a Skype for Business videoconference. Reduce errors in meeting notes within a Skype for Business meeting by sharing the OneNote meeting notes.

You can let your creativity flow by using the whiteboard.

Use the whiteboard to share ideas and concepts that are abstract or hard to grasp.

You can crowdsource ideas.

You can crowdsource your ideas using polls and questions in a Skype for Business conference.