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Initiate a meeting: Outlook 2010 and 2013

A meeting occurs at a scheduled time and location. Unlike appointments, it includes notifying and inviting other people. A meeting in your calendar could be one you set up, or it could be one you've been invited to by someone else. Meetings appear both in your calendar and in the calendars of the invitees.

  1. When looking at your calendar, click on the New Meeting icon.

  2. Enter a Subject and Location for your meeting and adjust the Start and End times if necessary. Make sure the All Day Event box is NOT selected and include a comment or description of the meeting in the field provided.

  3. When you are finished, click on the Scheduling Assistant icon to begin inviting attendees.

  4. Enter a name in the Search field and highlight the name of the person you wish to invite. Then click on Required. You can also click on Optional if the invitee's presence isn't mandatory. Once you have added everyone that you want to invite, click OK.

  5. You can now scroll through the calendar to find an available meeting time for all attendees, or you can use the Suggested Times in the bottom right of the screen to automatically search for the next available meeting time open to all invitees.

  6. Once the attendees and time have been established, click the Send button to send the invitation.

  7. The meeting has now been created in your calendar and will also appear in the calendars of those invited, provided they accept your invitation.

  8. To add a room to a meeting, double click on the meeting in your calendar. Then click on Rooms.

  9. Type the room name in the Search field and highlight the desired room on the list. Then click on Rooms and then OK.

  10. To add other resources or individuals to a meeting, click on the Scheduling Assistant. Then click on the Add Attendees icon. Enter new information or edit the existing information. Once you are finished editing your meeting, click Send Update.

  11. Replies to your meeting invitation will be sent to your Inbox. To track who has responded to your meeting invite, open the meeting in your calendar and click on Tracking. There you will see all of the responses.