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Computers and software

Computers and software

Standard hardware for faculty and staff

Use WebReq for Technology Solutions Centre purchases

Did you know you can use WebReq for Professional Development purchases?  Learn how.

  1. From the UVic Home Page, Sign in to UVic.

    Sign In
  2. Under My online tools, click FAST.

  3. Click the web-shaped button to select Web Requisitioning.

  4. Click New Requisition.

    New Requisition
  5. The blank WebReq is ready for you to fill out.

    Blank WR
  6. Enter the contact phone number under Telephone.  Note: the Originator and Reference fields will be automatically completed once you save.  Click the drop-down menu for Ship To.

    Step 1
  7. Select your department under Ship To and click the green check to confirm your selection.

    Select Department
  8. Building/Room must be completed with the full building (without abbreviations) and room number.

    IMPORTANT:  The location specified here is where your order will be delivered. Please ensure will be someone present to receive your order during normal Monday to Friday working hours.

  9. Check off Attachments if you will be adding files such as quotes or estimates to your WebReq.

    Attachments box
  10. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Selected Vendor field. Search for and select the desired vendor. 

    Select Vendor
  11. To search for a vendor, type the name in and click Search.

    Select Vendor
  12.  For TSC standards, select Microserve Att: Debbie Briggs.

    Select Vendor
  13. Optionally, add Comments.  Then click Create Requisition.

  14. The full requisition is ready to complete.

    New Requisition
  15. Next, add the items you wish to purchase by clicking Add Commodity Item.

    Commodity Items
  16. Enter the Description, Qty (quantity), Unit (usually EA "each"), and the Unit $.
    • Note the Unit $ cannot be zero; estimate if you are uncertain of the exact amount.
    • The Default check box indicates that the FAST acount code will be the default account code for all of the items in the order.
    • Each type of item, e.g. computer, display, extended warranty such as AppleCare, should be its own line item.
    Click the Save button, or Save and Add if you have more line items.  Use the Pencil button to edit if you need to make a change, and the red X to remove a line item.  Note there is no "undo" feature in WebReq.

    Commodity Items
  17. Note the red font for the Amount in the Commodity Items in the example below.  WebReq is alerting there is a problem with the amount - in this case there is no corresponding accounting information.  To add the FAST account(s) click Add Accounting Item

    Accouting Items
  18. Fill in the Fund, Orgn, and Acct; optionally complete Actv and Locn.  Click the Save button, or Save and Add if you are using multiple accounts.  Like the Commodity Items, Use the Pencil button to edit if you need to make a change and the red X to remove an item. 

    Accouting Items
  19. Click Save Requisition.  Notice the commodity amount is now  green to indicate the accounting amount correctly matches it.

  20. Click Attach Additional Information to attach additional information such as the TSC estimate.

  21. Click Browse to select the document and Upload File to add it to your WebReq.

  22. The attachment is added.  Click Save Requisition.

  23. Review your WebReq for completeness.  Note the * by Attach Additional Information shows you have attachments.  When you are ready, click Submit.

  24. If you need to send the WebReq for approval, send to the employee to approve.  Otherwise, select Send to a Department.  Optionally, add additional comments.  Note: comments on this page are permanently recorded on this WebReq.  If you need to update the WebReq before submitting, you can click Return to Requisition.

    Submit comments
  25. Click the drop-down by Send requisition to a Department and select TSC - Technology Solution Centre.  Click the green check to confirm your selection.

  26. Finally, click Submit.

  27. WebReq confirms your submission was successful.