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Technology Solutions Centre: Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) is to provide assistance to faculty and staff with institutional technology acquisitions. Faculty and staff interested in acquiring computers are encouraged to contact the Technology Solutions Centre, where trained staff can assess requirements, recommend solutions, assist with acquiring computer equipment, provide demonstrations, and answer questions regarding desktop and laptop computer configurations.

Questions? Start with our FAQ...

Why should I buy a TSC standard computer?

  1. You will get a modern, reliable computer that will meet your computing needs at 20-40% less than the retail price.
  2. Your computer will be delivered to your office on the next business day after the WebReq has been processed by Purchasing.
  3. You do not need to worry about Office or anti-virus software; it's included!
  4. You receive 3-years of next-business-day on-site warranty repair service.
  5. You will be fully licensed to run all software included with your computer.

How do I order?

All Technology Solutions Centre orders are submitted through WebReq.  We do not accept other payment methods.

Click the "Create estimate" button beneath the equipment that you want to purchase, attach the PDF estimate to a WebReq, and submit the WebReq to the Technology Solutions Centre.

Note: You will be invoiced by Microserve for your purchase. The Technology Solutions Centre is not a vendor and will not invoice you directly for your purchase.

When will my order arrive?

Standard computers are typically available for delivery within 2 business days after processing your WebReq, provided stock is available at Microserve. Delays may occur due to manufacturing & shipping issues and high order volume.

For a custom Dell or Lenovo computer, please anticipate 2-3 weeks (Dell) or 6-8+ weeks (Lenovo) for delivery after the WebReq has been processed by Purchasing. Custom systems are ordered directly from the manufacturer and are built to order.

Where will my order be delivered?

Your order is delivered to the location you specify on your WebReq. This can be your department's general office or your office.  We recommend you choose a location that is staffed throughout the day to avoid missed deliveries.

Remember to include the full building name (no abbreviations) and room number to avoid incorrect deliveries.

How does my warranty work?

All TSC standards have a 3-Year Next Business Day Onsite Service including parts and labour and Keep Your Drive.

Please contact the Computer Help Desk or TSC to arrange for warranty service for your standard computer.

What if none of these computers meet my needs?

Please contact the Technology Solutions Centre to discuss a solution to meet your requirements. We will be happy to work with you to find alternative hardware to meet your needs.

What is the difference between the Bookstore and the Technology Solutions Centre?

The Bookstore provides non-institutional retail sales for students, faculty, and staff at UVic. The Technology Solutions Centre is the authority for institutional purchases, technical approvals, technology reviews, and equipment repair.

Are Apple computers available?

Yes! If you are eligible to obtain non-standard technology, the TSC can help you with ordering through UVic's online Apple store.

Can I purchase an Android device?

When an iOS device is connected to Microsoft Exchange via ActiveSync, we can guarantee the device is secured with a passcode and encrypted. Unfortunately, Android devices do not fully support ActiveSync encryption so they are not standards.

Please contact TSC to discuss Android devices and your mobile computing needs.

How can I get accessories, such as power bars, ethernet cables, laptop bags, or cable locks?

Commonly requested peripherals have been included in the accessories.  Contact TSC and we will help you find the accessories you need.

How do I get help with my TSC computer?

Please contact your department's desktop support or the Computer Help Desk.

Who do I contact for repairs of computing equipment?

Please contact your department's desktop support or the Technology Solutions Centre to arrange for repairs of computers purchased through the Technology Solutions Centre.

Repairs of Apple computers are done by our Apple-certified technicians; Apple computers can be dropped off at the Computer Help Desk.

Repairs to computers purchased through the Computer Store or Bookstore are facilitated by the Bookstore. Repairs to all other computers can be performed by the Computer Help Desk.

Are these computers available to students?

Unfortunately, no. The TSC is currently equipped only for institutional sales for faculty and staff via WebReq. The Bookstore has retail computer sales.

Institutional Apple Purchases: 

As of May 2014, Apple purchases must be made through a UVic-specific online store.

Pro-D/CAF Technical Approval:

If you have been directed to the Technology Solutions Centre to receive technical approval for a Professional Development (Pro-D) or Computer Acquisition Fund (CAF) reimbursement, please see the our Technical Approval FAQRead how to use WebReq for these purchases.

AD2515 and FM5105 Technical Approval:

If you have been directed to the Technology Solutions Centre to receive technical approval for an institutional purchase and have further questions, please review our Technical Approval FAQ.