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Computers and software

Computers and software

Standard hardware for faculty and staff

Use WebReq for Professional Development purchases

For Professional Development (Pro-D) purchases, you can submit your order via WebReq to use funds directly from your Pro-D account rather than submitting receipts and waiting for reimbursement.  Follow these steps:

  1. Make a WebReq as usual and note "For Pro-D purchase" in the Comment Field at the top of the WebReq.

  2. Leave the Accounting field blank.  Attach your Pro-D approval form, your technical approval from TSC, and relevant quotes.

  3. Save the WebReq and click Submit.

  4. In the Send to a Department drop down menu select the entry PROD Computers.  Accounting will check your Pro-D funds and complete the financial information for you.

Contact TSC if you have questions about Pro-D purchases or technical approval.