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Technology Solutions Centre: video connections

TSC standard displays have various connections.  Here's how to identify the video connections on your display or computer:



  • DisplayPort connections look like USB ports with one side on an angle.

  • Usually black and silver/gold, may have stylized "D" label

  • Recommended connection type if available on your computer and display



  • HDMI looks similar to DisplayPort with two sides on an angle

  • Usually black and silver/gold, may have "HDMI" label



  • DVI ports are usually white and have nuts for cable attachment screws

  • Several similar kinds, two most common are shown at left

  • Use if DisplayPort not available, or with an HDMI to DVI adapter to connect HDMI output from your computer



  • VGA ports are usually blue and have nuts for cable attachment screws

  • Have three rows of holes

  • Older analog standard, use only if none of the digital ports are available on your display and/or computer

USB Type C


  • USB Type C (USB-C) ports are small ovals

  • Used for display output, power, and data transfers

Mini DisplayPort



  • Mini DisplayPort ports are small rounded squares

  • Used for display output, sometimes also known as Thunderbolt ports

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