Refund policy

PaperCut printing uses the funds you have in your ONECard Flex account. All inquiries regarding issues with funds on your ONECard account will need to be directed to the ONECard Office. Support staff in areas that offer PaperCut printing cannot add funds back onto your ONECard account. For more info on ONECard accounts please visit the ONECard FAQ.

If you don’t use your ONECard account for any other purpose such as Food Services purchases, only add enough funds you need for printing.

  1. Reprints for print jobs will only be granted for the following reasons and are at the discretion of facility staff:
    • Fading or streaked printer toner;
    • Paper jams where printer does not automatically reprint the job;
    • Printer has to be powered down to fix an error and print job does not print upon powering back up;
    • Formatting issues where staff have assisted.

You are expected to:

    • carefully check your documents prior to printing for any formatting errors
    • print only one copy as a proof before printing multiple copies or printing on special media
    • ensure you are printing to the correct print queue (black and white vs. colour)
    • check the print job charges BEFORE releasing your job to print
  1. Upon graduation there will be a one year grace period where you can continue to use your PaperCut printing account.
  2. Twelve (12) months after graduation and eighteen (18) months of inactivity your PaperCut printing account will be deleted. This deletion process is done at the end of each term (April, August and December).

Any concerns or questions about the above policy can be directed to .