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Manage collections on My page

  1. To add a collection, click on Add Collection.

    manage collections
  2. To add content, click on Add Content. You can also search for content using the Content Finder or click on Open content to view available options.

    manage collections
  3. Click on a content category and select the desired content from the list provided. Click on Add content to add the content to your collection.

    manage collections
  4. To change the name and layout of a collection, click on Collection Options and then click on Name and Layout.

    manage collections
  5. Enter a name for your collection and select the desired layout. When you are finished, click Update. Note: To see the name change you will need to refresh your browser window (F5 for Internet Explorer, and Ctrl+R for Firefox).

  6. To move content within your collection, click on the title bar, and drag it to the desired location. When the area is highlighted blue, release your mouse button.

  7. To maximize or minimize content in a collection, click on the arrow. To delete content from a collection, click on the X.