How to use the Basic VoD Wizard

Audiovisual and multimediaAudiovisual and Media Services

  1. Have your video uploaded to your VoD account. Have your SFTP client open and connected to your VoD account.
  2. Go to the VoD Setup Wizard. On the Basic tab, fill in NETLINKID with the NetlinkID of your VoD account (if not filled in automatically).
  3. Go to your SFTP client. Click on your video file and copy the file name.
  4. Go to the VoD wizard. In the Filename box, paste in your video file's URL.
  5. Click on the Update Preview & Code button. Check that your player works in the player under Preview Your Player.
  6. See our How to Embed instructions to put your player on a page.


Having trouble?

If you are having difficulty viewing the above video, please contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or