How to Publish a VoD in CourseSpaces

Audiovisual and multimediaAudiovisual and Media Services

Note, this is the Magic URL,

  1. Have your directory (NETLINK ID, or Group on VoD) and file name (name of video and name of poster image, e.g., NETLINKID/FILENAME.mp4 and NETLINKID/POSTERFILENAME.jpg)
  2. In Coursespaces, open the page content you wish to edit. Click to place your cursor where you want the video to go.
  3. On the Content editor's menu, click Insert or edit an audio/video file.


  4. On the Insert media box, under the Video tab, in the Video source URL box, put the URL of your video, using the Magic URL plus your directory and filename, e.g.,


  5. If you want to add a poster image, under Display options, put in the URL of your poster image, using the Magic URL, plus the directory and filename, e.g.,


  6. Click Insert media. Then click Save and display to check your page.



Having trouble?

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