How to Embed a VoD with the Cascade Video Bock

Audiovisual and multimediaAudiovisual and Media Services

  1. Have your Cascade page ready.

  2. Create a new Cascade video block under New -> UVic Blocks -> Video Player. (If you don't see the video block under UVic Blocks, ask your site admin to enable it.)

  3. Name your block under System Name. Give your block a Display Name, Title and Keyword(s).

  4. Under Video Player, fill in Netlink ID with the Netlink ID of your VoD account. Fill in Media Filename with the name of your video.

  5. Click Submit to save your video block.

  6. On your Cascade page, under Main Content, click [ Search ] to add your Video Player Block. Choose your newly created block from the drop-down menu, or Browse to find it.

  7. Submit and publish the Cascade page. Your video should now be embedded. Check the page to make sure it's working.


Having trouble?

If you are having difficulty viewing the above video, please contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or