How to use SFTP for VOD upload and Management

Audiovisual and multimediaAudiovisual and Media Services

  1. Have your video file encoded and Cyberduck installed on your computer.
  2. Launch Cyberduck. 

    The main application window will open, click the + to add a bookmark. Enter the necessary information in the fields, located near the top of the window:

    Connection Type: From the drop down menu, select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
    Username: your login ID for the server, i.e., your NetLink ID.
    Password: your password for the server, i.e., NetLink ID password.
    Port: 22 (22 is the SFTP port).

    Click Connect.

    If using UVic Wireless or on an off-campus network, you will need to use UVic's VPN service to connect to VoD.
  3. You will see a host key message, showing the fingerprint for the server to which you are trying to connect. Check the box that says Always trust this host, then click Allow

    Alternatively, you can deselect the checkbox and click Allow to trust this key only for the current session.

  4. The files and folders on the server should appear. From here, you will be able to view and transfer files. Find the local file or folder (on your computer's file browser) that you wish to transfer to the server. Click and drag the item from your local folder to the server folder.

  5. To delete a file on the server, navigate to the file or folder that you would like to delete. Right click on the file or folder and select Delete. Alternatively, you can press the Delete key on your keyboard. You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Click Yes if you are certain you want to delete the item(s). Items deleted from the server (located on the right side of the window) can NOT be retrieved once deleted, so use caution when deleting items.

We recommend that you use underscores, "_", instead of spaces, " " in your file names. For example use "my_great_video.mp4" instead of "my great video.mp4". 

For more help on using Cyberduck, please check our other documentation.


Having trouble?

If you are having difficulty viewing the above video, please contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or