Unofficial Microsoft Office 365 Sign-in Change

The University of Victoria is creating new officially managed and supported online services to support remote teaching, learning, and work using Microsoft Office 365.

If you have an unoffical Microsoft Office 365 account that will be affected by this change, you will receive an email that describes the new username you need to use to access the existing unofficial Microsoft Office 365 service, OneDrive, and your Office applications.

Note that there is a risk that any data you have stored in the unofficial Microsoft Office 365 account could become inaccessible after April 15, 2020 so we strongly recommend that you download a copy of any important data prior to this date – especially data stored in OneDrive.

We are making this change to create a new officially managed and supported Microsoft Office 365 environment, hosted in Canada, that will enable additional collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Additional information on these new services and the enrolment process for eligible faculty, staff, and students to sign up for a new Microsoft account using your address will be published on the University Systems website at