It's tax season, so don't get fooled

Tax season is among us and this is a good time to remind UVic faculty, staff and students to beware of tax scams.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will never send or request e-transfers of any kind, and will only send you payments by direct deposit or by cheque in the mail.

If you receive a questionable email, contact the CRA directly or visit the official website and sign in to your My Account to check the validity.

Currently on the rise are scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency employees calling people and misleading them into paying false debt. These persistent scammers have created a fear among people who automatically assume any communication from the CRA is not genuine. The CRA does indeed need to contact tax payers by phone, email and mail for legitimate reasons.

For information on what to expect when the Canada Revenue Agency contacts you, visit:

Phishing awareness training for faculty and staff

To learn more about how to protect yourself from online scams, UVic faculty and staff can visit and click on the Register for online training in CourseSpaces button to self-register for phishing awareness training.

Cybersecurity awareness for students

UVic students can put their cybersecurity skills to the test by completing a quick online quiz: 

Example of a tax phishing email

phish example