Kaltura unavailable after September 30

As of the Fall 2021 academic term, Echo360 has been adopted as UVic’s centrally supported video platform for learning and teaching, replacing Kaltura. As we fully transition to the new platform, access to Kaltura will no longer be available after September 30, 2021. This includes access to the Kaltura Media Gallery and Kaltura videos embedded in Brightspace.

Content for instructors and staff created prior to August 11th has already been automatically migrated from Kaltura to Echo360. Additional information about the migration process and information on where to find migrated videos is available on the Kaltura to Echo360 Video Migration page on Teach Anywhere. LTSI is available to provide instructors with hands-on support for this transition, including replacing Kaltura content in Brightspace 

More information about the Echo360 platform and its use for in-person class recording, creation of media, video assessment and student engagement is also available on Teach Anywhere.