Wifi WPA2 vulnerability

A vulnerability with the WPA2 secure wifi protocol has been announced today. This vulnerability, called KRACK attacks, impacts all wifi enabled devices including computers, mobile devices and wifi access points and routers. Because this is a flaw in the WPA standard it impacts all devices that use the WPA protocol.

University Systems is investigating the impact of this vulnerability on the UVic wifi network and wifi enabled devices.

University Systems recommends the following:

  • Limit the use of wifi networks until wifi providers have an opportunity to apply patches to their wifi infrastructure.
  • Use a VPN client when using wifi – The Cisco AnyConnect desktop client and iOS app is recommended to connect to the UVic VPN service from computers and iOS devices.
  • Ensure all computers and mobile devices are fully updated.
  • If you have a wifi router at home, we recommend you check the manufacturer for a firmware update that specifically patches the WPA2 vulnerability.

More information about the UVic VPN service:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your desktop support staff or the Computer Help Desk at helpdesk@uvic.ca or (250) 721-7687.