VHS Technology Phase-Out

The University will cease support of the VHS format as this technology is no longer being produced or supported commercially. University Systems will attempt to maintain the limited number of DVD/VCR combo units that are currently in the classrooms but is not able to purchase any new players as they are no longer available.  Current machines will not be replaced if they stop functioning.

As a result, instructors that use VHS cassettes in their teaching will need to move to a digital format such as DVD or streaming. To help with this conversion the Libraries have been replacing all high use VHS titles in the collection with an alternate format.  Any VHS titles that are not commercially available on DVD may be eligible for transfer to a digital format. In order for the University to do this legally, permission must be granted by the rights holder. The Libraries will search for rights on a case by case basis. Digitization requests will also be handled on a case by case basis.

For any questions about specific VHS titles in the Libraries’ collection or for questions pertaining to personal VHS tapes please contact Bill Blair, Music and Media librarian (blairw@uvic.ca).