Announcing the Technology Solutions Centre and Personal Computer Standards

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We are excited to announce two major changes in the support and procurement of computers on campus. First, we are establishing a Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) as a one-stop shop for all institutional computing. Second, a University contract was signed for standardized personal computer hardware and software.

Technology Solutions Centre

The newly created Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) within University Systems is an institutional:

  • Computer purchase centre and demo facility,
  • Technology solution review service, and
  • Equipment repair centre.

With the retail operation of the former computer store transferred to the Book Store, institutional purchases (paid for with institutional funds, operating or research) will be supported by the new Technology Solutions Centre (TSC).

The TSC will open on June 28 in the old Computer Store location and we are encouraging everyone, where possible, to postpone purchases of new computers until this date. You may wish to further delay purchases until after July 1 as purchases after that date will be eligible for a 75% credit on the 7% provincial tax component of the HST.

The TSC can be found online at

We will be sending out another communication notifying you when the TSC is open, including instructions on how to use its services.

Personal Computer Standards

We are pleased to announce the award of a contract for standard desktop and laptop computers at the University of Victoria. In this new supply arrangement with Microserve and Dell Inc. we will provide two standard desktop and two standard laptop computers across campus for institutional purchases. This arrangement was developed by the cooperative efforts of Systems, Purchasing, and Corporate Relations.

The standards have been selected in order to meet the majority of administrative requirements. These models will be updated regularly and they will be configured with standard software. The contract provides significant discounts that range from 23% to 44%.

Use of the standard computers is mandatory within the portfolio of the Vice-President Finance and Operations, and is encouraged elsewhere across campus. Faculty will continue to have freedom of choice in their computing selection.