Enhanced role-based email accounts available June 30

On June 30, 2014, University Systems will begin offering enhanced role-based email accounts.  These email accounts are UVic email addresses that do not require a NetLink ID.  They are ideal for departments, shared email accounts, or conferences.  Each role-based email account will receive an @uvic.ca email address that is not limited to 8-characters in length.  For example, a role-based email account may take the form department.name@uvic.ca.

Each role-based email account is associated with a Microsoft Exchange email and calendaring account that can be accessed by users of your choosing, each using their own NetLink IDs and passwords.  This separate account can be accessed as a shared resource and individual users can be added or removed as required without the need to share the password to this account.

To request an enhanced role-based email account, please visit the University Systems website.  Please note that each user who wishes to access this account must have a Microsoft Exchange email and calendaring account.

Additional information about role-based email accounts can be found in the University Systems Service Catalogue.  To request any additional information, please contact the Computer Help Desk at helpdesk@uvic.ca or 250-721-7687.