Netdrive home folder upgrade to new infrastructure - December 22, 2015

Netdrive ( is used to provide Personal Home File Storage (\home) and Departmental File Storage (\<department>).

Due to an increase in demand for Netdrive storage, we are upgrading and adding more storage infrastructure to support future growth.

Between 5:00 pm on December 22, 2015 and 7:00 am on December 23, the Personal Home File Storage service (\\\home) will be unavailable as we upgrade to a new storage infrastructure. Following the upgrade, Personal Home File Storage will be available at its new location at \\ We recommend that you restart your computer before attempting to connect to \\

This upgrade will affect the following users:

  • Everyone who is accessing Personal Home File Storage at \\\home from on or off campus
  • Desktop Support Services (DSS)-supported Windows desktops that are storing Desktop and My Documents folders on Netdrive
  • All users of our computing facilities on campus

This upgrade will not impact the Departmental File Storage (\\\<department>).

For frequently asked questions and information on how this upgrade may impact you, please visit:

For technical assistance, please contact your local IT support staff, Desktop Support Services or the Computer Help Desk at or (250) 721-7687.