MyMail Mobile App Usage

MyMail is a combination mobile application and cloud email service that allows users to sync their email, including UVic Exchange email, to a mailbox hosted on servers. Syncing a UVic Exchange mailbox to a service like MyMail is in contravention UVic’s Information Security Policy (IM7800) because it keeps a copy of the username and password and transfers the entire contents of the mailbox to the service.

Recently, several UVic accounts synced to MyMail have been confirmed as compromised. As part of our response to this malicious activity, we will block Exchange ActiveSync to MyMail commencing February 23, 2021.

To securely access your email on your mobile device, configure the local email app for iOS or Android.  For more information about Information Security, please visit the Secure Your Data information page or contact the Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or