Student Computing Facilities closure on March 7, 2010

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15 February, 2010
To: All departments
From: Student Computing Facilities, University Systems
Due to a campus-wide power outage on March 7, 2010, the Student Computing Facilities will not be open during regular operating hours.
In the event that power is restored by 12:00 PM, the Clearihue Computing Facility will open in the mid afternoon. Otherwise, the facility will remain closed all day.
The main website for will be updated with the opening hours once known. Please call to confirm the opening of the facility (250-721-7684) prior to coming to campus.
The CALL Facility and Student Computing Facility in BEC Building will remain closed all day.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Facility Coordinator for Clearihue, Marc Thoma, 250-472-4282,
Student Computing Facilities