Apple iOS 5 released


Apple iOS 5 is the latest release of the Apple iPhone operating system. Released October 12, 2011, Apple lists many new features and improvements over iOS 4. This latest operating system is available for free from iTunes on Mac and PC. iTunes must be upgraded to version 10.5 before the update to iOS 5 will become available. Only the iPad, iPod Touch (forth generation), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S are able to upgrade to iOS 5.  Features that are available on the iPhone 4S may not be available on older devices.


At this time, UVic does not recommend the use of iCloud as this can lead to the inadvertant distribution of contact information, documents, and photos.

Apple ID accounts

When configuring a device that has been upgraded to iOS 5, you will be prompted to enter your email address if no email address is currently associated with your Apple ID. Your Apple ID will be changed to the email address you enter.

Productivity applications

Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Reminders

Like iOS 4, iOS 5 will synchronize Microsoft Exchange email, calendar events, and contacts with the respective native applications. New to iOS 5 is the ability to synchronize Microsoft Exchange tasks with the Reminders application.

Notification Center

iOS 5 features a new Notification Center that can be viewed by clicking and dragging downwards from the centre of the status bar at the very top of the screen. The Notification Center contains calendar alerts, new email notifications, text messages, tasks, and other upcoming events. To modify how the Notification Center displays alerts and notifications, view the Settings app on the iPhone.



Wireless connectivity with the UVic, UVicOpen, and eduroam wireless networks is without issue. When connecting to UVic and eduroam, a prompt will open asking for a username and password. Enter and the associated password to connect.

UVic Applications

VPN client

UVic uses a Cisco Systems virtual private network for securing remote connections to UVic's network. The Cisco Anyconnect app is available from the Apple App Store.

Questions about iOS 5?

If you have any questions about iOS 5, please contact the Computer Help Desk for additional information.