Access to FAST Restored

November 21, 2017                                                         

To:             University of Victoria

From:        University Systems

RE:           Access to FAST Restored

University Systems has restored access to the FAST service as of 12:26 PM. 

We removed FAST access  from 10:34 AM to 12:26 PM to allow us to investigate multiple reports of virus-infected files when users were accessing the application.

FAST utilizes a third-party video streaming service to provide help and training videos.  The virus alerts were generated by malware contained in links from this third-party service, not from the FAST application itself. 

The vendor, Millennium Computer Systems Ltd., has removed the links to this video streaming service.  This means the malware contained in the links from the third-party video service will no longer appear in FAST, and the virus alerts will also cease.  Millennium will work with their third-party video streaming provider to resolve the issue.  Until then, the help and training videos will be unavailable in FAST.

We are currently assessing the computers where the virus alerts were generated and will be following up with clients individually to remediate these computers.  We will also be following up with users who were logged into FAST this morning during the period when the issue was occurring to ensure that their computers are checked for malware and remediated as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigated this issue.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.