Important notes about Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition

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Important Improvements:

  • Simplified account setup makes it easier than ever before to get started with Entourage and UVic Exchange services.
  • Enhanced synchronization between Entourage and Exchange now includes:
    • Message flags (replied, forwarded, etc)
    • Message categories
    • Tasks
    • Notes

Note: An Entourage delegate CANNOT open an owner's tasks and notes. Also, Entourage will not synchronize notes, tasks, or categories in public folders or for shared/delegated accounts.

  • Improved troubleshooting capabilities through logging. Logs will include information about Autodiscover service, folder and item synchronization, Calendar, and LDAP transactions between Entourage and Exchange.
  • Calendar events may now include attachments.
  • Improved address book queries from off-campus locations.

Important Non-Improvements:

  • Rules: Entourage users are not able to create (Exchange) server-side rules.
  • Delegation: no improvements on delegation management and recognition. If you are an extensive user of this feature we maintain our recommendation to use Outlook where possible.
  • No support for Exchange distribution lists. Entourage only supports local groups which are not synchronized with Exchange.