University Systems enhanced security and privacy services


Antivirus software is now available to the campus community and for home use at no charge. The cost for Disk Encryption software has decreased to $69.00 and is now standard in all new computers purchased through the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC). For more information please read on.

Enhancing data and information security at the University of Victoria

Security and privacy are critical to the operations of the University of Victoria. In place already are policies, processes, and technology to protect confidential data. To create greater consistency in the application of these measures, and in response to the recent data breach and the growing number of security/privacy threats, we are enhancing several of our security and information services.

Disk Encryption

Whole disk encryption ensures that if a system or external storage device is lost or stolen the data cannot be accessed—a strong security solution that has minimal impact on your existing way of working. Whole disk encryption, which is currently optional, will become part of the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) standard. We have also made it easier to request whole disk encryption for your existing computer via the TSC website at a reduced cost of $69 per user.

Antivirus Software

In addition to disk encryption, we are also enhancing our antivirus program by providing at no-cost an antivirus software product for all UVic owned computers used by faculty and staff at UVic. The antivirus software may also be installed on one home computer for no additional cost. This will provide protection for everyone across the university and ensure that everyone has the latest antivirus software and virus definitions.

Supporting You

A priority will be placed on requests for installation for those who use and access confidential and highly confidential information or who use laptops. For help determining whether you are dealing with sensitive data, please visit:

To ensure that you have the right information to make decisions about security, we have updated our documentation and are in the process of creating additional information resources. In addition, we have prepared our staff to support you in this change. For those areas with their own technical support, information on how to acquire and deploy the software can be provided to your support technicians. For more information on protecting your data, please visit:

In addition to Disk Encryption and Antivirus software, we will be enhancing other offerings to ensure that our community has the right technologies to protect privacy and ensure a secure and managed environment.

For more information, please contact the Computer Help Desk: