IMAP/POP Upgrade

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information on this page will periodically be updated to reflect the current state of the upgrade.

University Systems is upgrading its IMAP/POP servers to improve UVic’s Student Email service.

This will be achieved by:

  • Replacing the existing server with new virtual servers,
  • Replacing the IMAP/POP software,
  • Improving security by disabling unencrypted IMAP/POP services,
  • Enabling front-end webmail software to integrate with University System’s single sign-on system, which will improve the end-user experience.

Migration Timeline

Summer 2018: New servers are being built.

Aug 22, 2018: A set of load-balanced IMAP/POP proxy servers will be placed in front of the current IMAP/POP server.

Nov 1, 2018: Un-encrypted IMAP/POP connections are no longer allowed - all users should have converted their email client to connect using only encrypted connections.

Spring 2019: Users will be migrated from the old IMAP/POP server to the new ones (see Migration process below).

About the Migration

User accounts will be migrated on a nightly basis. Users will receive an email from University Systems notifying them of the migration the day prior to the migration of their account. The outage will typically last a few minutes for each account as it is being migrated and will not otherwise impact the user’s email service.

Where to get Information and Support

More information about UVic’s Student Email service can be found on the University Systems Help Centre website:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  or call 250-721-7687.